Research Centre for the Global Economy Ltd

Centrum Badań nad Globalną Gospodarką Sp. z o.o.

Research, Projects, Cooperation

Working together to build a stronger future

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it" - Salvador Dali

About us

The company was founded by academics and researchers in order to develop
research on the global economy, digital economy as well as entrepreneurship and global innovation. We focus primarily on supporting small and medium enterprises in the process of running a business in global surroundings and entering foreign markets, as well as delivering the required training. An important specialization of the company is edutainment and the use of business simulations for conducting a personalized training for people managing companies and teams of employees. A separate department supports local governments in the field of local economy management, applying for external funds and implementing industry policies.

Our services

Investment Decisions

We support investment decision-making through consultancy and analytical services such as due diligence, business planning, market research, financial forecasting and risk analysis

Market Research and Data Analytics

We deliver high quality services on market research, data gathering and analysis, survey responses from a target audience, niche online panel, targeting consumers.

Advisory Services

We offer advisory services to companies, but also local municipalities as far as corporate finance and strategy, crisis management, financial restructuring, independent business review, project management are concerned,


We provide training for all size companies. As academics we have a vast experience in education and an access to different tools, including business simulations, strategic games, case study, digital case studies, short educational movies.