The most recent news from Poland

30.10.2020 - Protests in Poland

Numerous protests in Poland after the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal  tightening the abortion law. Hundreds of thousands of Polish women and men supporting them took to the streets in dozens of Polish cities for a nationwide strike, demanding the restoration of the abortion compromise that had been binding for nearly 30 years. The strike expresses the anger of the vast majority of society over the cynical introduction of legal solutions that limit women's rights and expose them to suffering.

30.10.2020 - Ammendment of Polish budget

President Andrzej Duda signed the amendment to the 2020 budget. The budget, which, according to the announcement of the ruling party Law and Justice, was supposed to be balanced, after the amendment, is to record a record deficit of PLN 109.3 billion. However, government estimates do not include a number of expenses pushed outside the budget, which economists estimate at around PLN 100bn. These operations are aimed at avoiding the implementation of the prudential procedures, guaranteed by the Constitution, which require the presentation of a balanced budget in the event of exceeding 60% of the public debt-to-GDP ratio. Using the government's methodology, this ratio will amount to approximately 50.5% in 2020, and over 62% according to the EU.